The ACVM brand’s first 3 piece produced with 11oz Zimbabwe cotton indigo denim as a collaboration item with Japan’s leading denim brand, Full Count last year.
It was a collaboration born of the desire to casually wear a 3-piece or setup on a daily basis.

It was a very popular collaboration, but we received many requests for the black denim version from the beginning, and we will release it this season.

An intermediate design between coverall and suit jacket, inspired by European work jacket.
As well as the setup and 3 piece, it is black so it is easy to use with the jacket alone.

The vest is inspired by the old British waistcoat, and you can create a crew neck by fastening the top button and a V zone by fastening the side buttons.
Due to the unique design, the trousers and vest setup are also stylish.

Denim trousers that can be worn comfortably even in the summer due to the characteristics of the fabric that is breathable and quick-drying.
The silhouette is the TRO1 product number, which has already become a staple of ACVM, and is a beautiful silhouette that is slender and slightly tapered toward the hem.
Trousers that are easy to incorporate even for those who usually wear only slim denim.

3 pieces, setup, single item, items that can be enjoyed in any way depending on the combination.
Please try to find an item that suits your lifestyle.