On February 23, the ACVM Spring / Summer season will start online first.
Among the products released, we would like to introduce the sheepskin coveralls released last year under the ACVM brand.

Full-vegetable tanning, yet lightweight and soft tea core sheepskin, the coveralls have excellent mobility and can be handled daily just like workwear.
Since the front and cuffs are button specifications, the wind can pass through well, and it can be said that it is the best product for spring when the warm wind blows compared to the leather jacket in the autumn / winter season where it is important to prevent the intrusion of wind.

The LJK03 with a donut button that is conscious of old American products has a slightly loose silhouette, and you can feel the lightness of the material.
The newly released French style LJK04 features a compact silhouette and a narrow arm.
Even if the material is changed to leather, the texture and atmosphere of the leather perfectly follow the French style.

At the time of cutting, we dare to add unevenness and small scratches to finish it with a non-uniform look.
It is an unlikely sheepskin work jacket, but it is soft and comfortable to wear and is designed to be used daily.
It goes without saying that the jacket will be the one you love.