ADDICT CLOTHES ARCHIVES, as introduced before, makes use of its wide space to store and manage the numerous types of leathers that we use.

Our leather jackets are produced from our small partner factory specializing in biker jackets, which has been operating for a full year, with everything from cutting and sewing done at our company.

They are sewn by a skilled leather craftsman, who was originally a specialist in repairing vintage jackets and has reassembled countless jackets to date.

Not only do we make the jacket clean, but we also calculatedly build the rounded and sharp-looking parts.

For example, for sheepskin jackets, we combine leather with different thicknesses depending on the design and part to complete a jacket.

Although it’s easier to sew and manage leather of the same thickness, our dedication will surely be shown as the depth of the product.

In an era of standardization and logic, we want to keep making products that combine the experience and knowledge we have with the quality of MADE IN JAPAN for a long time to come.