Leather is the main material of our products and we are extremely particular about it.

We started our business 15 years ago as a British vintage biker wear specialist store. Compared to American vintage, the design and leather used in our products are very different.
Sheepskin that was thick like biker jackets but lightweight and soft, and horsehide that was soft and tactile—although the leather was the same, we were enthralled by different attractiveness from the tough American material.
Furthermore, we have also seen many of those leather becomes vintage wear after it has aged for decades.

When we started making jackets under the brand name Addict Clothes 10 years ago, we visited many leather dealers.
However, we could not find any ready-made leather that suited our niche products.
Therefore, we contacted several leather tanneries and explained to them our passion.
We packed our favorite vintage jackets in several bags and headed to the leather tannery that had listened to us most intently at the time.

Since then, we have learned how skins are turned into leather and what is the theory behind creating the leather of our preference.
Even now, we still do business with that tannery in a deep partnership.

Thick tea core colored sheep leather is particularly difficult to manufacture. We have to make thick leather from small sheep with thin skin.
To that end, we conducted many tests to create the leather that we were satisfied with.
We then repeatedly wore the jacket made from the leather and further improved the parts we were not pleased with.
After many improvements, the leather we are using now is made.

As you have known, our leather jackets are strongly influenced by the vintage culture.

Therefore, we do not come up with any creative design for the jackets, but we do try to create and design the leather itself.
We question how the leather feels on the skin when made into a jacket and how it ages over time.

At the end of our brand name, we have engraved the word “JAPAN”.
As Japanese and using Japanese skills, we want to spread the foreign culture that we were influenced by not only in Japan but also in the very foreign countries where the culture came from.


Apart from conveying our passion through the products, we would also like to contribute to spreading words about the advancement of Japanese skills.