The cotton waffle knit, which was introduced at this JOURNAL last year, will be released this year as well.
It is a knit that we started as a leather jacket brand 10 years ago, and then we made it for wearing underneath a leather jacket in winter.

In addition to the simple crew neck that has become a winter classic of the ACVM brand and the turtleneck that is very useful in the harsh cold.
New cardigans and hoodies will be available this year.
A cardigan with a narrow V zone expands the range of knit coordination that tends to be simple, The hoodie, which is indispensable for casual style, has higher heat retention than hooded sweatshirt.
The knitted fabric of the waffle moderately suppresses casualness and gives an adult impression.

Knits made by stuffing and knitting cotton threads as much as possible
Although it has a slim silhouette so that it can be worn inside a leather jacket, it expands and contracts moderately due to waffle knitting.
If you choose a size that fits your body, you may feel a little cramped when you first wearing.
But that’s proof of stuffing and weaving, which is why it’s a cotton material with high heat retention.

It is a knit that is indispensable for a comfortable cold winter as well as an inner for a leather jacket.
If you haven’t got it yet, please try new colors and designs.

Please also take a look at last year’s JOURNAL, which covered the knit factory.